DVS Connect

The cloud-based CRM platform

for DVS machines, tools and WMZ spindles.


  • DVS internal database stores production data for processing and analysis
  • Data processing via Edge Computing
  • Delivers commissioning data and stores historical dataTools store historical data and enable plausibility comparison
  • DVS customers get a real-time overview of the performance of their DVS products.



Our DVS MachineMonitor keeps us connected to the machine, so we have the opportunity to learn from the production data. We are thus paving the way for process development using machine learning and AI, which will secure our market position through new digital products such as HRI. The DVS MachineMonitor, as well as all other apps of the customer portal DVS Connect, will bind the customers closer to us and offer them real added value.



With the delivery of our machines, we often literally lose contact with machines. On the one hand, we lose important knowledge about the machining process used (and often further developed by the customer), on the other hand, we learn very little about the difficulties our customers have to contend with with with our machines. Without this data, we run the risk of losing contact with the customer and developing the machines and processes with our spectacles past the customer. So having data is valuable in many ways and it will become more and more valuable for us.


The business world is changing. While our business today still consists mainly of developing and selling products, there will be other business models in the future, such as leasing or operator models. We have already implemented such an operator model together with our customer MIBA. In Slovakia, MIBA produces on 3 Präwema machines, while billing is based on the number of units produced. If the technical availability is poor, this affects our profit. In 2016, we developed a machine portal with our partner "Autinity", which is currently being used, to enable remote billing and access to the machines. In addition to an overview of production, remote access and the stored historical data offer the possibility of locating possible problems. It is functional, but not intuitive to use and therefore not marketable. Since in our opinion further operator models will probably be realized in the future, it makes sense to create an intuitively operable possibility which ensures data transparency for us and our customers. 


Many of our customers have installed BDE systems for years and know their data. However, there are also customers who have no experience with this or who have other priorities in their day-to-day business. This also includes our production facilities. The introduction of such systems fails due to low know-how in such topics, free capacities and high costs. Many customers would be satisfied with basic things (overview of machine status, quantities, evaluation of QEE). If we could deliver an intuitive system, such customers would certainly use it, even if the possibilities are limited compared to Mindsphere and other systems and will be limited in the future.

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