Intelligent process chains within the Group

In only very few cases is it possible to actually completely machine a component in the soft or hardened state on one single machine. Usually a number of machines are required, which it is then best to link together appropriately. Every machine planner is familiar with these problems: two machines from different manufacturers and how to link them together.

Here is your potential for improvement:
The machine manufacturers in the DVS Group can supply the entire process chain for many different types of parts including all automation equipment. This includes, for example, gears, (soft and hardened), transmission shafts (soft and hardened), synchromesh elements (soft and hardened), brake discs, bearing races, railroad wheels and axles as well as many parts for general machine construction.

And when you really need to do all of the work on one machine, we have exactly the right machine for you here!


Process chain for gears




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